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'Odd, inventive, and genuinely very funny indeed' Cotswold Life Magazine on Inspector Hobbes and the Blood
'Madcap Tales', 'cult following for his whacky books', 'as inventive as they are entertaining' Cotswold Life Magazine on unhuman series

Inspector Hobbes and the Blood
unhuman I

Available as ebook, paperback, hardback or audiobook

As a crime wave breaks over the quiet Cotswold streets, Andy Caplet, the worst reporter in town, is reluctantly immersed in Inspector Hobbes's investigation. Allergic to danger and physical exertion, Andy is thrown into grave confusion at the discovery that not everyone is human. At the same time he must come to terms with Hobbes's extreme oddness and the tooth-collecting habits of Hobbes's housekeeper, the indomitable Mrs Goodfellow. Can a suicide, a murder, and a number of singular robberies be connected? If so, what is the connection?
When Hobbes goes missing, and the cops decide he's big and bad enough to look after himself, Andy, striving against deep-rooted incompetence and clumsiness, sets out to find him. With a delinquent dog to assist, armed only with a leg of lamb, and despite losing his trousers, he discovers the key to the mystery is in the blood. But in whose blood? Where is Hobbes? And can he catch vampirism off false teeth?
This is the first in Wilkie Martin's unhuman series of fast-paced, comedy crime fantasy adventures, with lashings of great food.

'I ought to tell you, dear, he can get rather wild when he's hungry'


This is narrated by the award winning and brilliant Tim Campbell.

Listen to a sample:

Inspector Hobbes and the Blood


He discussed his novel Inspector Hobbes and the Blood with Linda Dyson on Corinium Radio. The book discussion and reading starts about 10 minutes in.

Write Out Loud by Corinium Radio on Mixcloud


‘Odd, inventive, and genuinely very funny indeed’ Katie Jarvis
Katie Jarvis, Cotswold Life, page 116 http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk//launch.aspx?eid=ee72e084-4c19-4a75-ab98-bb3183b68410

'fun and entertaining' Carol Siewert
from books reviews forevermore http://clsiewert.wordpress.com/2014/08/06/inspector-hobbes-and-the-blood-by-wilkie-martin/

'How to describe the books? Well, if you like Terry Pratchett, Tom Sharpe or Tom Holt then this is the book for you. If you like absurdity, good writing, mouth-watering descriptions of food and humour then you will love this book. I did.'
Inspector Hobbes and the Bloods Book Reviews item created by old_fat_and_hairy

'If you have liked Wodehouse or Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams, you are guaranteed to like these books.'
'I read through all the books as quickly as possible since I loved them.'

Review of the Unhuman Series by Wilkie Martin from digitalamrit.com

'a clever crime mystery with comedy and a good deal of fantasy mixed in',
'One cannot help but be charmed by the story and the characters.'

'Tim Campbell, the narrator, was equally awesome in his talented reading'
AudioBookReviewer Charla White

Wilkie reading some extracts from Inspector Hobbes and the Blood

1 - Andy meets Hobbes for the first time
2 - The gnome, Hobbes introduces Andy to his strange world
3 - Andy goes home to 13 Blackdog Street with Mrs Goodfellow
4 - Andy meets Dregs, the dog, for the first time

Inspector Hobbes and the Blood
Available as ebook/ibook, paperback, hardback and audiobook
and MP3 CDs

Inspector Hobbes and the Blood is also available as MP3 CDs
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