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Step into the next episode of the unhuman comedy cosy mystery fantasy series by author Wilkie Martin. Enjoy the latest adventures of the unhuman Inspector Hobbes as he investigates crime in this enthralling novel. Follow the twists and turns as Hobbes and his friends uncover bizarre crimes, corruption and creatures in the English Cotswolds and the Himalayas.

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A Word From the Author Wilkie Martin

Inspector Hobbes started life as a short story, but he insisted he had more to tell and became a novel, which became a trilogy and is now a 5 book series, with a 6th on the way. Hobbes still has more to tell.

Wilkie’s writes stories largely set in the English Cotswolds where he has lived and worked for over 30 years.

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The comedy cosy mystery fantasy unhuman series folows the adventures of the Inspector Hobbes as he investigates crime around the English Cotswolds. The stories are told by his friend and sidekick, Andy Caplet, a hapless and clumsy detective. Andy fulfils a similar role to Dr Watson in the Sherlock Homes novels – he is the narrator and explains Hobbes who, as an unhuman, is unknowable. Andy gradually grows into a better human being as a result of his unforgettable experiences with the unhuman Hobbes.

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To begin this cosy mystery series then the best place to start is with Inspector Hobbes and the Blood. Although all Wilkie’s titles are standalone so can be read in any order

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